Ischia Spa Shines at L’Albergo Regina Isabella

Pampered, posh and perfect are but a trio of superlatives to describe the luxurious Italy spa getaway at L’Albergo Regina Isabella (Piazza Santa Restituta, 1, Lacco Ameno) on Ischia.  We’ve been visiting this slice of paradise for more than a decade.  It continues to reinvent itself, offering a lush spa getaway under the expertise of spa manager Costanza Popolano.

Whether you’re a guest at the resort hotel or a day spa visitor, you’re treated the same from start to finish no matter your selection from the extensive spa menu.  Here, as elsewhere in Italy, the spa is also staffed with its own in-house physician to evaluate your medical needs, complete with cardio and osteopathic check-ups to make sure that you’re receiving the correct treatment for whatever ails you.

Ischia is treasure trove of thermal hot springs and a visit to the Health Spa at L’Albergo Regina Isabella is truly like visiting the fountain of youth.   Time and again I have failed to see the benefit of spa facials but here it’s just the opposite.  The youthful glow is immediate and the inner feeling, deep below the surface, is long-lasting.

This spa day included a facial with a dermopurifying scrub mask. Condensed jojoba microbeads, mixed with the island’s thermal waters, scrubbed away the stress, leaving me feeling radiant.  Seriously, I think I truly glow when I’m here.

Italy Spa resort Regina IsabellaThe talented esthetician massages away the wrinkles (okay, a girl can dream), using what the spa calls a Progress Cream.  She applies a thick layer of shea butter emollient, rich with more jojoba oil, and leaves me to rest in a total dream state.  Does she have to wake me?

Yes, we must all return to reality but happily we can now take part of this spa’s ritual back to our reality.  The Health Spa at L’Albergo Regina Isabella now carries its own line of spa products, appropriately named “RI for Me,” Regina Isabella for Me, the new dermocosmetic frontier, as they call it.

Massages start at €40 and facials start at €30.  I’m thinking the next step on my spa frontier must be to melt away the fat with an Ultrashape contouring session.  “Resculpt, relax, renew.”  That’s my new mantra for the perfect spa getaway on Ischia.

You can visit for a day spa getaway from nearby Sorrento or Capri.  You can also spend a week or more (oh, if only!) to take full advantage of the resort’s private beach, four pools, three restaurants, not to mention its fleet of yachts and motorboats one of which is called Diet 2.  Although, trust me, at this Italy spa getaway, the only thing on the menu is pampered luxury.

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