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Rooftop eateries in Rome are on every street corner but Circus Rooftop Restaurant in Rome’s historic center is the foodie find with a view to die for!  The Eternal City presents you with a legendary foodie travel adventure of mythic proportions.  Yet, venturing home to your favorite Roman eatery is almost like going to Nonna’s house where you’re guaranteed they’ll get it right with every bite.  I fell in love with Circus Rooftop Restaurant at the FortySeven Hotel (V. Luigi Petroselli, 47) a decade ago and it’s never let me down.

L'Amatriciana Circus Rooftop RomeWhile the restaurant’s menu changes seasonally under Chef Patrick Tomasini, my tastes always turn to the classic Roman pasta dishes, L’Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe.  L’Amatriciana is a savory plum tomato sauce seasoned with crushed red pepper and roasted bits of pancetta (Italian bacon) and a hearty sprinkling of Pecorino Romano cheese.  The thick sauce is generally served over bucatini, long, hollow, tube-like pasta.

Cacio e pepe is another Roman pasta classic with a sauce based in butter, Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano cheeses and cracked black pepper and served over al dente spaghetti.  Tutto perfetto!  Each of these classic dishes is priced on the lower side of the entrees at €18 euro each but I’ve also enjoyed fish dishes and risottos and never fail to be surprised.

Circus Rooftop Restaurant RomeAs you get lost in the romantic rooftop view, overlooking a trio of ancient sites, enjoy a bottle from the restaurant’s impressive wine list, from Tuscany and the Veneto down to Sicily.  But do leave room for a dessert created by Pastry Chef Andrea Moretti.  How could any foodie chocoholic resist a sweet treat called A Thousand & One Nights in Chocolate with Tahitian vanilla sauce or Tiramisù FortySeven?  Try both. I did!

A pasta entree with a glass of wine and dessert will run approximately €45 without tip.  You’ll never remember what you paid but you will treasure every bite under a starlit Roman sky.

Guests are welcome to dine whether staying at the hotel or not.  Just be sure to book ahead as great food and a breathtaking view make the Circus Rooftop Restaurant in Rome an unforgettable experience.

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