Top 5 Tips for Your Italy Honeymoon

Amalfi Coast HoneymoonsNothing says romance faster than “Italy honeymoon”.  The country oozes passion from every antiquity, every Tuscan winery, all along the lush Amalfi Coast and with every morsel of delectable food.  Knowing where to start is half the battle of planning your honeymoon in Italy.  So, we offer out top five tips:

Location – Italy in the north is as different as Italy in the south.  Decide whether it’s more important to you to visit wine country or cruise along the southern shores.  You’ll never see all of Italy in one week, not even two or three, so pick one spot for your honeymoon.  If it’s beaches you want, head to Sicily or Ischia, although Tuscany’s La Maremma can also provide a great beach spot for a day

Set a budget – know your limits but keep in mind that on your 25th wedding anniversary you won’t look back on how much you spent but the memories which are priceless.

Your likes/dislikes – If you’ve never thought about what you like to do on vacation, now’s the time.  If the Ferrari test drive Maranellonew hubby wants to test drive a Ferrari in Maranello or Modena, our Italy honeymoon specialist can make that happen.  If you want to soak in the thermal waters of a natural spa at a lux hotel, we can get you there.  Dive among the ruins, take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal, roam through Rome.  Anything and everything is possible on your honeymoon in Italy.

Getting around – Once you land, what to do?  Do you want to drive the Amalfi Coast or rent a moto to scoot around?  Would you prefer a driver who knows the road and speaks your language and theirs?  Summer is the best and worst time to get around.  The hot season is full of tourists but it also has a full schedule of public transportation available.  There are more ferry lines to shuttle you to and from islands and along shore points.  The buses and trains, which are not the most reliable, tend to have better reliability in the high season.  Traveling from north to south, the high speed Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca are worth the price of the ticket.  You can get from Naples to Rome, the heart of both cities in 90 minutes.  The train is more direct than flying between airports and schlepping out of them.

Romantic PositanoRelax – with the ceremony and reception behind you, this is the time to ease into your new life together before getting back to the daily grind.  This journey should be all about the two of you.  Take the planning off your shoulders and work with someone who knows Italy and its romantic quirks.  Anyone can say they’re an Italy travel specialist but not everyone lives and dreams with a romantic vision.

Our Italy honeymoon specialist is waiting to help plan your romantic journey.

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