Flea Market Finds in Naples

Savvy treasure hunters know that flea markets off-the-beaten-path are the best.  Hunting antique and flea markets in Naples, Italy can be quite productive on any given Sunday.  You know it’s great when it’s at least a 30 minute drive from the center of town and most of those at the gate are Italian and NOT tourists.  Let the adventure begin at the Agnano Barbie Collectibles Naples Flea MarketMercato delle Pulci (Via Raffaele Ruggiero, 1, Napoli).

This free antiques and flea market in Naples is held at the Ippodromo di Agnano racetrack every Sunday from 6am to 2pm.  Some 200 dealers can be found with hundreds of people rummaging through everything from vintage Parthenope tchotchkes to wonderfully crafted antique and modernist furniture.

There are dealers who specialize in vintage cameras and others in antique silver.  There is a six-foot wine press and some tables of used clothing.  The variety is quite impressive and the dealers are always willing to bargain, although most of them don’t speak English, so be prepared to try your best Italian to snare a deal.

Mercato delle Pulci Naples Flea MarketIf you get hungry, there are a handful of vendors selling snacks.  And of course, there’s a coffee bar inside the track.  It’s Italy and coffee bars are everywhere…even at the best flea market in Naples.

GETTING THERE:  If you don’t have a car or are fearful of driving in Naples, you can take the Metro.  The journey will take about 90 minutes.  Take Metro Linea 2 to the Bagnoli stop and then it’s about a 30 minute walk to the Agnano Ippodromo.

TRAVELER’s NOTE:  Don’t search for this market on the Internet.  What info that is posted is old and has the market located at its former location.

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