Spa Spotlight-Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

These days Disney World is masquerading as the happiest place on Earth. Yet, when it comes to spas, they’ve always made the grade, as in Senses Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.

I booked an aroma therapy massage but after my consult with the experienced therapist, she customized a Swedish massage to better suit my needs. Disney always hires wonderful therapists and Annette was no exception. She was a truly skilled therapist with hands of gold. If she went to deep and hit a knot, she adjusted the  pressure by stretching the muscle until it was slightly more pliable. She hit knots I didn’t know I had and made me feel like Mrs. Gumby. Her choice of tangerine massage oil was the perfect unguent to relax and revitalize.

I must admit the morning started a bit bumpier than expected with the reservation in the wrong name and me at the wrong hotel. Yet, without skipping a beat, the House of Mouse made it right and taxied me over to Senses Spa at Saratoga Springs in two shakes of a mouse tail.

The standard spa waiver was kept to an easy-to-read 1- 2 pages. Yet, when the lawyer in me crossed out and initialed the Right of Publicity section, the front desk chick got her panties in a bunch.

Senses Spa at Disney Saratoga Springs Resort, Disney World

“Ma’am, no one’s  going to take your picture.”

Really, if that’s so, then it shouldn’t be in there.”

The way I see it, when Disney’s lawyers want to give me a cut of the Mouse’s rights, I’ll think about sharing mine.

Custom Swedish Massage for 50 minutes = $150 plus an auto add-on 20% for a gratuity. I much prefer deciding what the gratuity should be but here the Mouse decided for me.

SPA NOTES: I did not like the dual-sex lounge. The men were uncomfortable and so was I. I visit spas around the globe and have never shared a relaxation lounge with the men. Also, no one was relaxing. Half of the people waiting were on their cell phones or iPads, ignoring the posted sign asking them to refrain from such electronic behavior.