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Standing in Two Worlds

A new year with fresh travel possibilities awaits those with a wanderlust spirit.  To dream, to venture forth and have one foot in two hemispheres at the same time.  It can be done and it’s way cool at the Prime Meridian outside London, off the beaten path.

Prime Meridian Greenwich
Courtesy: Study.com

The line which divides the eastern and western hemispheres is at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and is just a short boat or train ride from central London.

Trains leave you in the heart of Greenwich and it’s a bit of a hike uphill to get to the point where all time starts and stops.

If you opt for a boat up the Thames, you’ll hit land near the newly refurbished Cutty Sark.  The copper-hulled ship was the fastest clipper of its kind in the 1860s.

Prime Meridian CertificateWhile Greenwich is the destination for seafarers, landlubbers can enjoy gazing at the stars, having tea aboard the last tea clipper or embarking on an actual Space Safari for the wee ones. Combo tickets are available at the Royal Maritime Museums and Family Combos offer the best deal.

The Prime Meridian is the line of zero longitude and has been marking time across the globe since 1851.

Just know that once you’ve been to the top and stood astride the Prime Meridian, everything else in Greenwich is downhill.  Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!  Happy sailing!

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