The Lost City of Baia, Italy

For hundreds of years dreamers have sought the lost city of Atlantis, while the sunken city of Baia sits just below the surface in Naples, Italy.  It’s off-the-beaten-path, so most tourists have never heard of Baia.  Yet, the underwater ruins are a diver’s fantasy while […]

Top 5 Tips for Your Italy Honeymoon

Nothing says romance faster than “Italy honeymoon”.  The country oozes passion from every antiquity, every Tuscan winery, all along the lush Amalfi Coast and with every morsel of delectable food.  Knowing where to start is half the battle of planning your honeymoon in Italy.  So, […]

Italy Honeymoon Specialist

“The honeymoon was absolutely amazing. We had such a good time, and it was worth every penny to have someone with such a great knowledge of the country tailor a trip to suit our requests. It’ll go down as probably our best holiday ever!”~Johnnie & […]

Top 5 Tips from an Italy Wedding Photographer

Dreaming about your destination wedding in Italy and not sure where to go for the perfect wedding photographer? We’ve done the footwork for you and went straight to the source for top five tips from an American photographer with a romantic Italian spirit. Rochelle Cheever, […]

The Best of Greece in the South of Italy

About two hours south of Sorrento lies the best of ancient Greece, truly, in Italy.  Paestum is much more than just one of the average archaeological sites which dot the Italian landscape.  It’s a sixty-two acre parcel with three of the best preserved ancient Greek […]