Virtual Marazion Movie Magic in Cornwall

Marazion is one of those tiny towns in Cornwall that you’ve heard of but not really. Yet, Marazion has been making movie magic for decades as the film locations for more movies and TV programs than you may realize.  Almost all of the films shot in Marazion feature a castle, which makes sense since it’s home to the enchanting St. Michael’s Mount.  The 15th century castle sits on top of The Mount and would-be invaders can only walk across water twice a day to reach its lofty perch.

Now, you can virtually visit lovely Marazion from the comfort of your own perch with an online movie at home. We’ve picked a few Marazion movies and TV shows to get you started.

1.  Dracula (1979):  It’s 1913 and the seductive and sinister vampire Count Dracula travels to England in search of a bride.  His castle is St. Michael’s Mount, where the heart of the dragon is said to have been captured in its rocky footpath and it can still be seen, trapped in the rocks today.  It’s hard to believe this classic starring Frank Langella is more than 40 years old and no one in our opinion twirls a cape like the dark, yet alluring Langella.

2.  Johnny English (2003):  It’s a spy spoof of the British kind. It’s full of tongue in cheek humor and makes “secret” the operative word in hiding the UK’s secret agent, Johnny English. It seems Agent English, played by Rowan Atkinson, is the only spy left after the rest are killed at a funeral.  The Crown Jewels have gone missing and French entrepreneur Pascal Sauvage is the prime suspect, played by the twisted John Malcovich.  Sauvage lives in a French castle which just happens to look a lot like St. Michael’s Mount because it was shot on location in this Cornish coastal town.

3.  Robin Hood (1984-1986):  This BAFTA award-winning British TV series based on the legendary champion of the downtrodden relocates Sherwood Forest to Cornwall instead of Nottingham.  The show makes wonderful use of the Mount and its spectacular views of the coast.  You can just imagine Morgwyn, the witch of Ravenscar Abbey, bewitching the Merry Men on top of the Mount. It may be difficult to locate a copy of this old show, but well worth hunting down. The castle serves as the exterior of Ravenscar Abbey. Editor’s Note: In the US, the TV series was shown on Showtime and PBS.

4. Twelfth Night (or What you Will)(1996):  The film starring Helena Bonham Carter is a modern take on Shakespeare’s gender-twisting comedy.  It’s the story of a girl who disguises herself as a man to be near the count she adores, only to be pursued by the woman he loves.  It’s all good fun and good laughs. which we can all use a bit of right now.  Again, our favorite Marazion castle stands in all its glory amid its lush gardens.  Now, that’s the treasure!

If you do visit Marazion, you can’t miss St. Michael’s Mount.  Do spend some time in its exotic gardens where the devil’s heart was captured and where giant tropical plants will capture yours.