A Springtime Virtual Roam through Rome

This spring the streets of Rome are empty. The Eternal City suffering, as all of Italy, under the strain of the Corona virus. Yet, spring is when hearts point in that direction, like a compass heading to our true north, our pulse beats toward Rome. And while we can’t get there, yet…here’s a handful of TV shows to bring you to places in Rome off the beaten path.

For hundreds of years artists and producers have turned to Rome as the perfect backdrop for film and television. Why not? It offers the perfect backdrop, the set without scenery, the city full of intrigue, both ancient and modern. While we’ve taken you on a cinematic stroll before here at Wanderlust Women Travel, this time we’re giving you a list of some of our favorite TV shows from the last decade, which take you to those places not seen by most tourists.

  1. Killing Eve (Season Two, Episode 8) (2018-) – we love everything about this quirky spy dramedy, especially Jodie Comer as the quirky assassin Villanelle who plays opposite Sandra Oh, as her nemesis Eve Polastri. In a critical scene in the last episode of Season 2, the two are in Rome with their future at stake. Their emotions explode inside the cavernous Baths at Caracalla. The ancient spa is a vast expanse of ancient wonder outside the main tourist hub and a wonderful place to get lost in for a few hours.
  2. The Name of the Rose (2019) – a medieval thriller with John Turturro takes part in ancient Italy where the power of knowledge was no different 700 years ago than it is today…and where it could lead to murder. The four-part mini-series aired on RAI TV in Italy and premieres this spring, in the US, on the Sundance channel. The mini-series is based on the novel of the same name and is a remake of a film from 1986 starring Sean Connery. While much of it takes place inside an ancient abbey, created in Rome’s Cinecitta Studios, visitors to Rome can travel a short 90 minutes to the Park of Vulci and walk through the archaeological wonderland which provided the backdrop for some of the outdoor scenes.

3. Zen (2011) – This obscure British offering stars Rufus Sewell, which is enough of a reason to make the list. He stars as Italian detective Aurelio Zen and while the theme may be common, Sewell’s delicious leading man good looks sets a girl’s mind wandering to the land of Italian accents. But we digress. Zen finds every nook and cranny in the neighborhood around the Colosseum, Teatro Marcello, Piazza Venezia and almost every side street

Exploring Rome one ancient step at a time.

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