An Orchid Delight at the NY Botanical Gardens

Orchid Show 2018There’s no better way to step into spring than the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens (2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY).  It’s a flower and foodie delight, if you toss in lunch at the Hudson Garden Grill.  And it offers the perfect dayscape from New York City.

The orchid show is eye candy for garden enthusiasts.  There are blooms in hundreds of species in a rainbow of colors from the brightest orange to the most brilliant pistachio.  Are you noticing a theme here, floral colors linked to foodies treats?

NY Botanical Gardens Orchid Show 2018You’re at once greeted by orchids dangling from a connected web of clear water tubes.  It allows the vast number to be cared for economically. My favorites latched onto trees. It’s said orchids can grow anywhere because they adapt to their environment.  It seems they adapt everywhere but my house. Have you ever tried growing one? Delicate and beautiful is the perfect way to describe all of them.

The show runs through April 22, 2018.  The Botanical Gardens is also holding evening shows with music and garden-themed cocktails.  This may be the Bronx but you are transported to a secret garden for a day trip full of orchids or a romantic evening outside New York City.

Hudson Garden Grill reviewEditor’s Note: Lunch at the Hudson Garden Grill was a nice surprise. A triple decker lobster club with yummy avocado and bacon was tasty.  The house-made brioche was a bit dry. Top it off with a fresh cranberry ginger sparkler and it puts spring in your day, quite literally. The Hudson Garden Grill is on the pricey side at $45 for lunch.  Yet, you must treat yourself every now and then.  This is the place to do it, capped with stellar service.

Getting There: The easiest way to get there from midtown Manhattan is to take Metro North’s Harlem line train to The Botanical Garden Station. It’s a short 20 minute ride and then a five minute walk across Southern Boulevard.