Top Things to See & Do in Venice

In a city with a long history and a tenuous future because of its fluid foundation, Venice and Venetians do not apologize for much.   They live and love life and woe the tourists who try to treat this Italian treasure like  another stop on a big bus tour, albeit the traghetto is a water bus, but a bus none the less.  They are the day trippers who try to tick off the top sites of Venice in a few hours and don’t take time to inhale its spirit.

Fantino on VeniceThere’s something special in the air of Venice.  It’s not Rome.  It’s not Naples.  It’s not Torino.  No, Venice is the grand dame of Italy, the mysterious city, decidedly female with a romantic past.  Like the Venetians, she let’s you in, for a taste, but you’ll never get to know all of her.  Taking in the top sites of Venice is almost a sin but sin away because if there’s one city to hold your secrets close, it’s definitely Venice.

Arrive in Style – Live the life you dream in Venice by arriving at your hotel in a water taxi.  Very James Bond and old school Hollywood.  Live on the edge and imagine an affair with your dreamy boatman.  Of course, wear your shades and a silky scarf to blow in the wind and add to the adventure.

Early Bird Catches the Fish – A sunrise visit to the Rialto Market is worth an early espresso at a local coffee bar.  Inhale the essence of Venice in the morning, it’s life on the canals, the essence of its fish market as the catch of the day arrives by boat.  If you snooze, you truly lose because the vendors are all packed up by lunchtime.  And remember, don’t handle the produce unless you want a quick brushoff from a Venetian vendor.

Piazza San Marco

Gelato and Bellinis – One was born in Italy and the other born in Venice at Harry’s Bar.  Pick one.  Oh hell, get both and grab a sitdown in St. Mark’s Square as the sun sets on an amazing day.  The cafes which face the Piazza are extremely overpriced but if you grab a gelato or drink at a local bar and hover in the square, enjoy the romance of the trios playing music that seems to float its way to another dimension.  Just remember, pistachio (pihs-tack-ee-oh) in Italy is more green-grey and not the Crayola color of inchworms.

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