The Sporting Club – Ischia

The perfect seaside foodie setting on the perfect island with great food makes for the perfect restaurant on Ischia.  “Where’s that,” you ask?  It’s the largest of the Phlegrean Islands off the Amalfi Coast and the perfect getaway. The Sporting Club restaurant at L’Albergo Regina Isabella offers spectacular views and even better food.

Lunch and dinner always include an amazing array of salads and appetizers, everything from grilled zucchini and eggplant to cheese and fresh sardines, pomodorini (little grape tomatoes) and carrots to carmelized onions which add as a garnish to almost anything.

Sporting Club IschiaThis day’s visit brought old friends together for a long overdue lunch.  I enjoyed penne al dente with fresh pomodorini, the smallest cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.  The full menu was quite similar to a dinner menu, offering yet additional appetizers not on the extensive buffet; pasta prima piatti and numerous meat and fish entrée choices.

The waiter selected a local white wine from Ischia which was just perfect, not too dry and not too sweet.  Guests staying at the five-star luxury resort feel free to enjoy breakfast in their cozy terrycloth robes as do swimmers coming inside to enjoy lunch.  Dinner, on the other hand, is a bit more formal and men are required to wear jackets.

Non-resident guests are welcome to dine at The Sporting Club at L’Albergo Regina Isabella and you may also enjoy a meal at the beachside Indaco Restaurant.

EDITOR’s NOTE:  I have seen The Sporting Club decked out for a spectacular wedding followed by poolside fireworks and the setting is just perfect.