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Italy through the Lens

Anyone can look through a camera’s viewfinder and snap a picture. Yet, it’s a true artist who sees life through a viewfinder in a different light, in a shadow, in a moment that captures life more than stick figures on a beach.  Raffaele Celentano is one such photographer and his stunning photos of life in Italy are on display this summer in his exhibition “The Italians – Memories in the Wind” at Sorrento’s Chiostro di San Francesco.

Most people enter the Chiostro, which is free, and rarely look beyond it.  However, a short walk upstairs and a black and white world of Italian life awaits you, the charm, the passion, the simplicity, as viewed through the eyes of Celentano.

“I grew up watching black and white films from Fellini, Antonioni, Pasolini…I realilzed that images can convey strong emotion and display a fantastic world.” ~ Raffaele Celentano

Sophia Loren Photo Exhibit

The moments are so uniquely Italian, from a love affair with food to a love affair with love…in all of its many forms.  Celentano, a native of Sorrento, has a view like no other.  His exhibit “The Italians” is also accompanied by an exhibit, which he curated, dedicated to Naples’ favorite goddess, Sophia Loren.  Both photo exhibits run through the summer and are well worth a visit before or after gazing at the sunset across the Bay of Naples.

Click for a virtual walk through the “Memories in the Wind” exhibit.