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2017 Carnival in Venice

Ice skating and Nordic walking in Venice?  In February?  Yes, this year Carnevale is all about winter! Brrrrr!  The theme is Creatum (vanity affair).  Carnival 2017 will see thousands of visitors traverse Venice and its many lagoons to experience the magic and fun that only this event can provide. Two weeks of festivities leading up to the sombre days of Lent include masked balls, boat festivals on the Grand Canal, even the Lido in Love for Valentines Day.

Carnevale in Venice is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Sure there are thousands of tourists, lots  of color and food, Italian style, but there are no huge floats like in New Orleans or Rio.  No, Carnevale in Venice is all about Italian style and elegance.

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The best way to get your feet wet, pardon the pun, is to buy a colorful mask at one of the many artisan shops or street fair booths.  If you plan to get tickets for a ball, then buy them early or you can rent one from Atelier Marega.

This is the time of year to act silly and enjoy getting lost in the mysterious city of water.  Venice is alluring, magical and seductive.  Fall captive to its charms and wander among its calles.

Make a point to go and sit in a typical Venetian osteria, where you can people watch while sipping a glass of Prosecco, Raboso or Ribolla, all local Veneto wines.  My personal favorite is a Bellini or Aperol spritz, both the color of an Italian sunset and equally as satisfying.

This year’s carnival begins on February 11th and lasts through February 28th.  A full calendar of the planned 100+ events can be found on the official 2017 Carnevale in Venice website.

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2017 Carnival in Venice