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Top 5 London on a Budget

London Travel SpecialistLondon, known as being the most expensive city in the world for culture, actually offers a host of tourist opportunities off the beaten path which can be had for £10 or less.  Our London travel specialist offers her Top 5 London on a Budget:

  1. Regent’s Canal Boat Ride – the cruise from Little Venice to Camden Lock is about 50 minutes and you can get off at either end and catch a later boat for the return trip.  Depending on which cruise line you choose, London Waterbus or Jasons, adult fares run from £9.00 one way to £14.00 return and off-peak one way fares are even cheaper.  Don’t bother stopping at the London Zoo.  It’s a small zoo and only good if you are traveling with the wee ones.  Grabbing the London Pass could also save you a few bob.
  2. 100 Club (100 Oxford Street) – you can visit one of London’s legendary music clubs on an off-night and catch great music and quite possibly hear the next big band to swim across the Pond with tickets often as little as £10.  And for absolutely FREE admission, you can visit the “Ain’t Nothin’ But…” (20 Kingly St., SoHo) blues bar because there’s nothing like hearing Chicago-style blues in London town. Absolutely free Sunday-Thursay and before 8:30p weekends.
  3. Donmar West End Theater (41 Earlham St., Seven Dials) – You never know who you will find performing at this intimate West End theater.  London’s leading men such as Jude Law, Jeremy Northam and Ian McKellan have all starred in its productions.  The theater only holds 250 people and tickets can be had for as little as £10.  If you’re 25 and under, sign up for the Young & Free ballot and you just may get freebies at the end of every month for the next month’s shows.
  4. Portobello Road Market – no trip to London would be complete without at least a visit to the Saturday morning madness of Notting Hill known as the Portobello Road Market.  Walking is free and think of all the history you can absorb in a couple of hours perusing the antiques.
  5. My Old Dutch – this chain of pancake houses is located throughout London.  They offer sweet and savory pancakes and waffles throughout the day, so there’s something to satisfy your breakfast, lunch or dinner cravings generally under a tenner.

Let me know how you make out and if you find any other deals along the way!  Tah!

Our London travel specialist can help plan a journey for any budget.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 London on a Budget

  1. Great list and variety of things to do in London! I wish I had this list last year when we were there. I didn’t get to do any of these and that canal boat ride would have been so relaxing. keeping this around for a return trip. Thanks!

  2. Great list! The boat ride sounds soothing. At the 100 Club it sounds like a good time and very reasonable too. The Donmar West End Theater definitely has captivated my interest, may have something to do with the fact that I’m a wee bit sweet on Jude Law (man if I was to be so blessed to have been there on that day, at those prices, and saw the Jude Man, I would have felt like I just won the Lottery). And, since my hubby and I are foodies, you certainly wouldn’t be scaring us with a good time at My Old Dutch, yum yum. All good to know if you go. Thank you.

  3. Love Little Venice and the boat trips , yet to do it , but I saw them when we had a birthday lunch at restaurant on the river, Great to see new places,

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