Mangia Monday at Palermo’s Trattoria Biondo

Palermo Trattoria Biondo

In my experience as an Italy travel specialist, I hesitate to experiment with local restaurants because you can find lots of bad food in this country.  Yes, believe it or not.  So, I turned to the front desk staff at Hotel Plaza Opera and Trattoria Biondo (Via Giosuè Carducci 15, Palermo) came highly recommended.

Palermo Trattoria BiondoIt’s a quaint trattoria on a tiny side street.  On a nice evening, you can dine outside or inside where there’s a bit of Italian foodie atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of Sicilian specialties and I went straight for my childhood memories and Nonna’s kitchen with Pasta con Sarde.  It’s an old Sicilian recipe of spaghetti served with fennel, sardines and pignoli (pine nuts).  It was not just good; it was excellent, right down to the modica (bread crumbs) sprinkled along the edge of the plate.

The bread basket was just average.  In Italy there is no excuse for average or bad bread.  The same with the house white wine.  I ordered a glass and sent it back after one sip.  When all else fails, go with aqua naturale!

I would recommend Biondo but caution you against the house wine.  If you’re an Italian foodie who must have wine with a meal, then spend a bit more and order a known brand.  Dinner in Palermo for this solo traveler ran €15 (approx. $20 ) with tip.