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Mangia Monday Dining Like a Food Ninja in Tokyo

I like Japanese food but can’t say I’ve ever had a true Ninja-style dining experience, despite the flying knives at some hibachi restaurants.  So, with the well-honed skills of a foodie ninja, we turn to guest writer Olivia Sumner and sent her off in search of a foodie delight in Tokyo.

Ninjas are known to be spies, mercenaries, and mysterious assassins but at one special Tokyo restaurant, they’re also foodie fest  magicians.

Ninja Akasaka (2-14-3 Nagatacho) is in Tokyo’s Akasake-Mitsuke district, where it serves up more than delicious food. Upon arrival, we enter a dimly lit black room greeted by our first ninja to take our reservation. Another ninja mysteriously enters to guide us to our private dining room through dark narrow hallways, trap doors, steep staircases, and even a drawbridge, the excitement and fear gripping me like a walk through a haunted house.

Tokyo RestaurantThe menu is a set course, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 yen (approx. $50-200) and offers vegetarian and gluten free options.  The food is spectacular and fun.  One memorable dish is the snow crab inside a grapefruit that is pierced with a samurai sword. Our ninja skills are put to the test when we are required to remove the sword before eating. Each dish is an exciting work of art.  You may enjoy a bonsai tree cookie or cheesecake in the shape of a frog for dessert.

The entertainment doesn’t stop with fanciful food creations. A ninja magician arrives toward the end of the meal to tantalize your dining experience with a show.  Theme restaurants may seem gimmicky and hokey but Ninja Akasaka is not!


Olivia Sumner is a travel blogger at OlivNtheCity, photographer, freelance writer, foreign film buff, coffee lover, and adventure seeker.  When she’s not off exploring faraway lands, she lives the urban life in San Francisco.

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