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Palermo Hotel Plaza Opera

What makes a great hotel?  The answers are as varied as the people who travel this great world. Yet, with a city like Palermo, having a hotel in a central location, with modern conveniences and a friendly staff, such as in The Hotel Plaza Opera (Via Gallo Nicolo, No.2), is a great thing.

The 4 star hotel is just steps away from Politeama and convenient to the tony shopping streets of Via della Libertà and Via Ruggero Settimo.  It also provides a safe hotel in Palermo for solo travelers and families.

It’s small by American standards and a single room, with a full sized double bed, measures a compact 8×10′.  However, as with any real estate, it’s all about location. If you head to the Palermo Hotel Plaza Operapenthouse, you will find the Agata Suite. There’s a spacious sitting room and a private terrace.  However, what sold me on this suite was the jacuzzi tub, straight from a Hollywood set, complete with romantic, twinkling lights. This alone would make me think twice before leaving the room to explore Sicily’s capital city of Palermo.

All room rates include a buffet breakfast but other than that, there is no restaurant and only a tiny lobby bar with limited hours.  European hotel ratings vary from country to country and often city to city.  So, while this may be a 4-star hotel in Italy, it would not be in the United States, where a 4-star, at the very least, would have a coffee shop and likely a bar with more hours.

The staff is wonderful and help make The Hotel Plaza Opera a success.  As a member of the Preferred Hotel Group, frequent travelers are eligible for points with each stay, as well as perks on check-in, which vary from hotel to hotel.

Accommodations provided by The Hotel Sphere group.