Mangia Monday at Rosati Rome

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In some cases you definitely don’t get what you pay for and as a world savvy traveler, I should have known better than to dine in the heart of one of Rome’s tourist stops, Piazza del Popolo. Yet, this solo traveler was road weary and I fancied a table at Rosati’s (P. del Poppolo, 5A, Rome). Big mistake, huge…and I paid the price.

I figured I couldn’t go wrong in Rome with spaghetti ala carbonara. It’s a foodie staple in Italy. It was also one of the cheapest items on the menu.

Rosati Piazza del PopoloIt looked good enough on the plate but it was very salty and the fatty bacon bits were neither cooked off nor cut off. Disgraziata!

The service was not with a smile. They actually thought they were doing me a favor. The flowers on the table were half dead and it was only noon, so you can’t blame the Italian sun.

Fortunately, there was no coperto, the Italian cover charge, tacked onto the pricey tab. Then again, there was no offer of a bread basket either, which is extremely odd in Italy.

My awful lunch of bad carbonara and a small bottle of water ran me a whopping €23.40 (approx. $30.60) including an automatic and unusually high 17% gratuity.

Sadly, there isn’t much else to walk to in this Piazza but for a frugal traveler, I much prefer the nearby Panneformaggio, or for the trendy travelista, drop by Il Margutta for vegan faves or the First Art Hotel.

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