Off the Beaten Path – All Aboard Capri!

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Carrozzo Marina Piccola CapriSpring and summer are when Capri comes alive and this day was no different as I set out to catch a bus from the port to Anacapri.  From the line of people waiting, I could tell that we would be packed like anchovies into a bus not meant for large crowds.  A charming “buon giorno” was offered by the driver, who greeted each passenger as if they were a long, lost friend.

I went about my day and was lucky enough to catch a return bus with the same driver, Oscar Carrozzo.  He was kind enough to let me sit on the gear shift box next to him, since, once again, the bus was too packed.  It’s about a 30 minute return trip from Anacapri to the port.  This time I was able to discover Oscar’s true secret and passion.

He is amazingly talented design photographer, whose stunning work has been exhibited at galleries and in magazines across the globe, from Tunisia, France and Egypt to PolandMexico and beyond.  Carrozzo Faraglioni CapriOscar’s passion for photography began when he was a child and developed over many years behind the camera in television.

He views the world with a journalist’s eye and suggests that visitors to Capri stop, look and view the sites off the beaten path in Capri.  Tourists often miss the hidden gems of any destination because they are using guidebooks to plot a journey.

Oscar says he looks for anything that evokes an emotional reaction in his soul and that’s how he sees it through the viewfinder.

All aboard to Capri with the help of our Italy travel specialist.

Photos Courtesy: Oscar Carrozzo

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