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Romance & passion off the coast of Capri

Movies have been filmed there.  Verses have been written there.  Lovers have pledged forever there.  Yet, until you experience Capri, Italy, off the beaten path, it is difficult to put its beauty into words.  It’s a breathtaking, heart-stopping emotion that stirs in your soul, as you inhale the landscape of human emotion.  Mere mortals cannot do justice to what God has created; yet, writers, as this one, will continue to try. Come with me on this journey through the pages of my new memoir “Amalfi Blue, lost & found in the south of Italy.”

Hotels in Capri

“Enough with the huddled masses.  I needed to explore Capri on my own, in the sun, and be swept away.

A cable car carried me to what seemed liked the tip of heaven.  One step off the funicolare and my blood pressure dropped further – not in the bad, you’re going to die way, but in the fantasmic you have just come alive way. The heady scent of wisteria mixed with jasmine and beckoned me to stroll along the coast toward the Faraglioni.

The higher I climbed and strolled, off the beaten path, the further behind I left civilization.  I walked and climbed and walked some more, hoping to put the past behind me, until happening upon Via Tragara.

Isla di CapriA small sign, grounded to an old stone wall, mentioned poet Pablo Neruda, who had spent many fruitful years in this paradise, writing of love’s rapture.  Here it was easy for me to understand the inspiration for the poet’s verses of love:  “…everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.” Capri, this day, this moment, was heaven-sent…”


Stir your soul in “Amalfi Blue” for Nook, Kindle and in paperback.