Top 5 Things to Avoid in Chicago

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Let me start by saying that Chicago is truly my kinda town.  It is the only city in the US, other than my hometown New York, where I would want to live.  That being said, despite all of its cultural, culinary and architectural treasures, this is my Top 5 list of things NOT to do in Chicago:

Top 5 Chicago1.  Do NOT rent a car.  Chicago has a great transportation system.  It runs well and links even the outlying suburbs in direct routes.  Renting a car will only bring you grief and waste precious vacation time in Chicago because the Windy City’s traffic makes NYC rush hour look like a walk in the park.

2.  Do NOT park in Chicago.  For those of you visiting with your own car, I understand you will have the need to park it; however, be prepared to pay the equivalent of your child’s first semester college tuition for one night’s parking in Chicago.

3.  Do NOT rely solely on your GPS to get you in or out of downtown Chicago.  There is some sort of magnetic maze around the city’s outer rim and in the blink of an eye that automatic compass in your GPS will send you hither and thither and you’ll be crying for an old fashioned map to help you escape some bad areas.  No one told me that I could bypass Austin when driving to and from the lovely Oak Park of Frank Lloyd Wright fame!

Chicago Top 54. Do NOT visit Chicago during the winter unless you are a moose.  No amount of clothing or shrink wrap can prepare you for the howling, biting winds and snow.  Wait until the spring thaw to enjoy this wonderful mid-western town.

5.  Do NOT think the best pizza is in Chicago.  Anyone who’s ever been to New York knows better.  We just humor them with out-of-town politeness!

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