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The Perfect Hair Day off the Beaten Path in Rome

Roman GoddessIn Italian, the word noi translates to we.  In Rome and Naples, it literally means the difference between okay and WOW!

I discovered Noi Salon (Piazza del Popolo 3) thanks to the wonderfully talented Italy wedding photographer, Rochelle Cheever.  She was doing a shoot with me and suggested I visit Noi because they spoke my language, literally and figuratively.

Picture Perfect in RomeNoi‘s genesis was in California and crossed the Atlantic Ocean a few years ago when American Rick Breco and Napoletani fratelli Massimo and Giuseppe Topo decided to venture back to the motherland, Italy.

I am so glad they did because in Rome and Naples, there is no other hair salon.  It’s hip without hype. It’s hot without pretense.  These guys know their stuff and transformed this train wreck, after a bus ride from hell, into red carpet ready in less than two hours.

Noi SalonWe all got on like a house on fire from the instant I ventured behind the ancient iron gate. It was so covert and CIA-like.  The salon in Rome is located at the very busy Piazza del Popolo and the door to this hair haven is sandwiched between two ristoranti.  All that indicates the way is a small brass plaque and a button.  A voice from behind the magic curtain (OK it’s a wall, so shoot me!) allows you access to Oz and they are the wizards.

Wanderlust Women Travel RomeThere is no staff except the lovely receptionist, who doubles as hair assistant.  After four hours on a bus from Sorrento, Massimo whisked me into the washing station faster than I could say, “Use your magic wand!”

These guys are hands on.  There is no ego of the hair-istas out of La-La land.  They are your beauty gurus, entertainment and even counselors on Italian men, although there is not enough guidance anywhere for that.  I felt like I had been going to them for years and plan to for years to come.

Then I was placed into the skillful hands of Federico and his artistry as  make-up stylist extraordinaire.  He not only made me look beautiful, he also hid the lobster burn on my décolettage after a sunny stay in Capri.

Ladies, don’t think spa treatment for a luxury stay in Rome……no, think of a visit to Noi as necessary as seeing the Colosseo.  One stop here and I was ready for my close-up!

The good news is for those of us who want American-style pampering near the Amalfi Coast, there is a Noi Salon in Naples (Vicoletto Belledonne 9) as well and now a 2nd location in Rome’s exclusive Parioli district (V.Gian Giacomo Porro 16).

Ready to book your trip to Rome or journey to Naples?

Our Italian travel concierge is waiting to hear from you.

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  1. Somehow I avoid the haircut in Italy when I was studying in Sicily and Florence. It\’s always a little bit scary going somewhere abroad or even at home sometimes but Noi sounds like a great find!

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