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Mangia Monday – Baia Beach Club in Malta

This is about as far off the beaten path as you can get.  Actually, the path is quite beaten to get here but it’s located away from the tourist trodden beaches of Malta.  The Baia Beach Club (Little Armier) is where the locals come on Sunday to take in the sun and dine on great food.

Baia Beach ClubIt was opened three years ago by a couple of Tuscans, so the menu is largely Mediterranean, focusing on Italian cuisine.

Baia Seafood SaladFor lunch, my friend had a fresh seafood salad which was so fresh that they were probably swimming just minutes earlier in the nearby sea.

Mint Pesto with ShrimpMy entree was the starter sized portion of mint pesto with shrimp over spaghetti.  It was cooked to al dente perfection and quite large.  I know for certain that I could never have finished the entree sized portion for lunch, especially wanting to leave room for dessert.

Chocolate Lava CakeIf you have been reading here long enough, then you know I must try chocolate lava cake wherever and whenever.  So, despite the uniquely presented Banoffee Pie, I yielded to my weakness and was not disappointed.  The lava was just the right temperature not to totally melt the vanilla ice cream which accompanied it.

Baia Beach Club is the perfect seaside eatery for casual, stylish dining, before or after you take in the Malta sun (sun chairs and showers are available!).

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to stay at the Beach Club Villas yet, but I want to very badly. I love this area so much !!!!! I will be there soon.

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