London Top 5 for a Fiver

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Visiting London can be costly unless you know where to look and we here at Wanderlust Women Travel do…Here’s our Top 5 for a Fiver in and around London: National Theater (Upper Ground, South Bank) – Young travelers, 16-25 years, can take advantage of Entry Pass membership which is free.  It gets you access to […]

Christmas with the Pennsylvania Dutch

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When you think of Christmas lights and grand displays you don’t necessarily think of the Amish who practice a simple life of dedication to faith.  Yet, travel just three hours from midtown Manhattan to Lancaster County Pennsylvania and you will see the clash of Amish austerity with 21st Century Christmas regalia.  To the Amish Anabaptists, […]

Wedded Bliss for Christmas

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It’s funny how Italian-Americans and Italians have so much in common and yet seem so far apart.  There’s a soup we here in America know as Italian Wedding Soup.  Yet, ask anyone south of Rome about it and they’ll look at you like you are pazzo.  You see, the traditional la minestra maritata has nothing […]

Christmas Caponata – a Sicilian Treat

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Tell a little kid that Zia is making caponatina and it truly is like Christmas morning.  The Sicilian version of bruschetta, caponata (also known as caponatina in dialect), is a savory blend of eggplant, tomatoes, capers and a whole bunch of love.  After all, there is no other way to cook for a Sicilian. The […]