The Garden Outdoor Dining in Sorrento

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Sometimes you walk by a place every day and never look up.  So it was with The Garden da Gennaro Restaurant (V. Tasso 2, Corso Italia 50/52) in Sorrento.  Each day on my daily passeggiata, I’d pass by or look in to see barely anything more than a wine bar.  Yet, this sunny day, a day meant for outdoor dining in Sorrento, I turned the corner and looked up to see a wisteria canopied terrace with empty tables…my kind of place!  A rooftop restaurant with my name on it.

Eating lunch at 12:30p is early by Sorrento standards which means I had this foodie find to myself.  Bonus points for sure.  The lone waiter presented me with a full menu, loaded with many options for no-limit foodies, vegans and pasta lovers as well.  Off the beaten path, varied options, solo dining…this outdoor restaurant had me before I even viewed the menu.

Outdoor Dining SorrentoI chose bruschetta con pomodorini and a fried calamari salad over sautéed escarole with capers. Mamma miaTutto delicioso!  The bruschetta was made on bread, warmed just enough to be lightly toasted without breaking your teeth, and the cutest little cherry tomatoes.  The fried calamari was quite a surprise.  It wasn’t coated in bread and then fried.  It was more like grilled.  It was fresh but some of the strips tended to be a bit on the rubbery side, which happens to even the best chefs when calamari is overcooked even the slightest bit.  The capers added a nice flavor to the escarole, which together with the bruschetta made the perfect midday snack.

The total with a bottle of mineral water and an espresso came to $26.73.  I’ve been to most restaurants in Sorrento and there are a handful that I would go back to time and again and The Garden da Gennaro Restaurant will be one of them.   A surprise rooftop, outdoor dining spot in Sorrento, off the beaten path.

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