Mangia Monday at Villa Rubinacci in Sorrento

An off the beaten path Sorrento restaurant crowded with locali on a Saturday nite is a sign of good food.

Villa Rubbinaci Fiori di ZucchiniI first discovered Villa Rubinacci (Via Correale 25, Sorrento) during the off season on a wet autumn night. I was the only patron then and the staff, all two of them, were welcoming and friendly. We watched the Napoli game as I munched on, stuffed, fried fiori di zucchini and risotto con funghi.

I recently returned and was happy to see the place jammed this weekend evening, crowded with locali, area residents, and a handful of tourists.

I enjoyed pizza while my friend had ravioli with pumpkin. The portions were so large that neither of us had room for dessert.

Sorrento is a popular Italy destination and Villa Rubinacci Ristorante has now made the move to those requiring a gluten free menu. Can you imagine? Gluten free in Italy? Who would have thunk it? I’m sure Nonna’s looking down, enjoying a good laugh at that.

During the hot nights in Sorrento, Villa Rubinacci has a large terrace where you can enjoy pizza and vino. Most of the individually sized pizzas are only €7 to 8 (approx. $9.25 to $10.50), a great price in this tourist driven economy near the Amalfi Coast.

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