The Genius of DaVinci in Rome

The Genius of DaVinci in RomeFlying solo and strolling through Rome’s ancient Piazza del Popolo, the sign called out to me:  “DaVinci, The Genius!”  Well, that’s a given.  This man was so much more than an artist and inventor that no one person since has come anywhere close to producing the breadth of his work.  So, I ventured into this tiny exhibit, off the beaten path, and was pleasantly surprised to see life-sized replicas based on DaVinci’s many inventions.

DaVinci double hull boatThe exhibit is based on the sketches and notes of Leonardo DaVinci, the Renaissance master who left behind volumes of schematics of machines which were never realized in his lifetime.  Can you imagine how this man’s brain functioned?  It is amazing!

DaVinci Scuba GearWell, that’s exactly what modern artisans have done…imagined…based on DaVinci’s own drawings, cryptic writings, ancient dialect and they have created 120 different machines and inventions from the 15th century master.

The organizers of “DaVinci, The Genius” have also launched traveling exhibits from Las Vegas and Phoenix to Russia and Madrid, with many stops in between.  This is an interactive exhibit which will fascinate travelers with children and single folks roaming through Rome.  It’s an especially great way to spend a few hours on a rainy day in the Eternal City.

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