Mangia Monday – Circus Restaurant in Rome

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One of the first restaurants I dined at on my recent travels to Rome was Circus at the top of the FortySeven Hotel.  Now, four years later and I still return to this rooftop eatery for the best L’Amatriciana in all of Rome.

Circus rooftop restaurant RomeThe traditional Roman pasta dish is made with guanciale or pancetta and served in a tomato base over bucatini pasta.  The bucatini can be a bit difficult to eat politely as its heavy tubing doesn’t easily roll around a fork.  Circus, at various times, has offered it over penne pasta as an alternative.  I consider myself a L’Amatriciana afficionado and while the penne is easier to pick up, I prefer the bucatini which allows you to get down and dirty with this hearty Roman dish.

Just in case you have room for dessert, Circus never fails to impress with dolce as well, varying with the seasonal offerings.  The icing on the cake is the stunning rooftop view, especially at night, of the ancient Temple of Vesta below.

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  1. This does sound good. After the fantastic time I had last month discovering Rome’s food and wine I hope to go back again for more ‘research’ and I’ll put this on my list!

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