An Italian American girl has an Ultra Napoli experience

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As we all know there is that old Italian saying:  “vedi Napoli e poi muori” (see Naples and die).  Well, for any woman who has ever been to a soccer game at San Paolo Stadium in Naples, that proverb should be: “go to the stadium and you may die!”  Surely, she jests, you think to yourself, but alas, there is an iota of possibility in the proverb.

SSC Napoli Calcio is very important to someone I love very much; so, of course, I would want to go to a Naples soccer match when invited…………life is an adventure and you should explore most things at least once, right?  That is the true wanderlust spirit.  Now let me preface this by saying that I am a Bronx native, former NYC investigative reporter and rabid Yankee fan.  I have seen crazed BoSox maniacs attack Yankee fans on their home turf but I have never seen anything like the Ultras Napoletani.  They are not the fans we see on TV in America.

Ultras sono pazzo per Napoli calcio

When we watch the games on TV in New York, we only see the empty stadium seats which are expensive….the cameras never scan the crowds to show thousands of fans in the upper decks who buy season tickets and follow SSC Napoli to all points of the globe and beyond.  They are a drug-fueled, testosterone-driven, economically-frustrated bunch of maniacs.  And I say that with all possible admiration; well, sort of!

Just watch the YouTube video below as the roar from the crowd swells……Once the match starts, the energy rises and goes insane whenever Napoli scores a goal.

My first clue should have been when I entered the stadium and noticed missing seats and dirty chairs.  I naively thought it was an old stadium and would be refurbished when they got around to it.  Ha! The Ultras literally rip the seats from the concrete when Napoli scores a goal.  They light flares in the stadium to cheer them on (can you see this happening in the Bronx – fire in the hole!)  Further, the contact high from all of the marijuana would be enough to make an entire city happy!

I just sat there in awe……..and fear……..wondering why Italy doesn’t harness the raw power in these men.  Their energy would be enough to light up Naples for a year!  By the way, take a tip on the ladies’ bathrooms – let a woman design them when you’re ready.  Something more than a dirt hole with an open grate would be greatly appreciated.  (Never thought I would come to appreciate the long lines at the ladies’ rooms of so many American stadiums!)

It was the adventure of a lifetime.  I loved the wild ride and loved the man who thought enough to huddle me in a protective cocoon each time Naples came anywhere near scoring a goal.

8 thoughts on “An Italian American girl has an Ultra Napoli experience

  1. one day i’ll make that same trip. I’m a die hard Napoli fan. It just sux not knowing many fans out here in Ny. Im born and raised in the Bronx. Maybe me and your guy friend can watch a game together. I’m trying to start up a group of supporters so that we can maybe take a trip out to italy or just head down to nevada smiths in the city. let me know. take care

  2. I am a supporter of naples and i follow the match of the Napoli on the pay tv but the emotions i can live on the stadium is unbelievable. Maybe is hard win some trophy but we love our club for the life. FORZA NAPOLI.

    P.s. Excuse me for “maccaroni” english

  3. Wow. Wow. I can’t imagine!! My guy said that if we go we’re buying tickets for a couple of those empty seats you see on TV. Not quite the full experience you had…. but significantly safer for sure! 🙂

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